Michelle May

Dogs and Humans Co-Evolved to Eat More Plants

A genome study at Uppsala University in Sweden found ten genes that help dogs to digest starches. Lab work suggested that changes in three of those genes make dogs better than meat-eating wolves at splitting starches into sugars and then absorbing those sugars. According to geneticist Kerstan Lindblad-Toh, the rise of farming, beginning around 10,000 [...]

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Meat-Free Diets for Sprint-Racing Sled Dogs

This 2009 study was the first to demonstrate the potential for a meat-free diet to be nutritionally adequate for exercising dogs. In a 16-week controlled experiment, a meat-free diet maintained haematological characteristics in sprint-racing sled dogs (Siberian huskies). Importantly, these findings pave the way for commercial pet food manufacturers to produce nutritionally adequate meat-free diets [...]

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Dog Plaque Teeth Cleaning Solution

  Dog oral hygiene is really important but something that tends to get overlooked. As a result, many dogs are dealing with plaque on their teeth, which over time can lead to pain, gum disease or even heart disease. Many conventional dog dental treatments contain harsh chemicals, preservatives and artificial colors and flavors [...]

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Flaxseed Health Benefits for Dogs

Flaxseed has been a valued crop for thousands of years, having been cultivated since the beginning of agriculture and currently consumed globally. It's name in Latin, Linum usitatissimum, literally means "very useful". While ancient healing systems including Ayurveda and Chinese Medicine have recognize its virtues for millennia, it's just in the past few decades that [...]

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Benjii’s Story

In November 2009, I decided that I wanted to expand my puppy family but that this time I would rescue. I had bought my 2 older dogs, Bodhi and Bambi as 6 week old puppies from breeders in Ohio several years earlier. I love them so much and wouldn’t trade them for the world, but [...]

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